From the building blocks, to the above and beyond

Why DC Direct

Businesses in every sector are in the midst of unprecedented change, but good golly our mission has always remained the same. We’re all about going above and beyond to save you time, reduce your costs, maximize your potential and reward you for your loyalty. And let’s not be fluffy here, our resolve to achieve that for you today is stronger than it’s ever been.

Key Features

Fast Delivery

When we say fast, we mean it.

Anything Sourced

We can source anything and supply it to anywhere.

Customer Promise

Quality, passion and expertise is everything to us.

Account Manager

For the inside-track on our vast inventory.

  • Fast Delivery

    Getting your order to you when it matters most is the utmost importance to us. That means 2-3 hours if you really can’t wait. Because ordering is one thing, receiving that order when it matters most is another. That’s why every order no matter the size is treated with the same passion and expediency. Because business doesn’t sleep.

  • Anything Sourced

    We’re more a source-and-supply ‘concierge’ than a catalogue. Trust us to find you even the hardest-to-finds and the nigh-on impossibles. Tailor anything in our catalogue by size, shape and colour and benefit from competitor price-matching. Remember, we can source anything and supply it to anywhere. We can manufacture to your style and customise to your exact spec, and we can brand anything you can get a logo on.

  • Customer Promise

    Every enquiry, order and delivery is dealt with professionally and personally by our amazing, pro-active team. Every one of them has been trained to get right under-the-skin of your needs and continually strive to treat all our business relationships with that same acute level of professionalism. We also offer the widest range of competitively-priced products on the market.

  • Account Manager

    Your own experienced, personable and passionate AM with an encyclopaedic product knowledge on hand any time by email, phone, or chat. They’re also available for regular site visits and reviews, don’t you know. It’s the kind of inside-knowledge of our vast inventory that will save you oh-so much valuable time and unnecessary hassle. Why do we rave about them so much? Well because most have been with us from the very
    beginning, that’s how we know just how awesome they are.



We understand at DC Direct that offering a consistent level of quality, in both our services and our product range is vital for our customers. ISO 9001 is representative of our continued effort to adhere to this ethos. By streamlining a quality management system throughout our business, your needs become our own. This accreditation provides you with the safe knowledge that we operate to an internationally recognised standard.


Just one of our core values as a company, our environmental impact plays an important part our mission to stay green. Through a combination of recycling, re-using and reducing, we have reduced our impact on the environment. ISO 14001 certifies that this important part of our makeup and that we are continually committed to doing our part. By using DC Direct as your preferred supplier, you can be certain that we will always be in line with your company’s environmental requirements.


The health and safety of our staff in the workplace is another important part of DC Direct’s makeup. Our OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) accreditation guarantees that working conditions meet an internationally recognised standard. We are continually looking to improve our offices and the working lives of our employees.

Case studies

Law Firm

DC are proud to supply a major law firm which has offices spanning no less than 7 stories. We have a dedicated team to work with these clients to understand their needs for specialist paper products. Our digital design team produce quality paper products to order. Our delivery team arrange desktop deliveries / put away service which are scheduled twice weekly. We also offer convenient before 7am delivery slots help ensure their busy associates have always got the premium resources to hand when they need them.

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HSBC wanted to reward their hardworking staff with a fabulous Christmas party. DC were engaged to help them spread the festive cheer at the event. Our creative team took the brief and talked through concepts, then got straight to work on designing and producing 250 party bags, including 100 bespoke presents which were individually sourced and wonderfully gift wrapped. HSBC staff had a magical time at the party and DC were happy to have played their part in the successful festive celebration.

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Guinness World Records

We were very privileged to be involved in an award-winning office redesign. In this fantastic example of an office expansion project, our team of experts performed an initial survey on 'the world's best office.' They then proceeded to create a space plan redesign to achieve further improvements. With plans approved, we went on to source, deliver, and install a vast array of tailor-made furniture with exacting precision to bring the plans to life.

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Publishing House

Great service, items always arrive on time and our driver is brilliant, even puts the heavy boxes of paper away for us!


My account manager is always there when I need him, nothing is too much to ask and he always cheers me up too!


DC makes ordering and delivery office supplies simple, as it should be.

Law Firm

No complaints, quick delivery, and available 24/7.

Charity Work

We take enormous pleasure in our work with charities both national and local. As much a moral obligation as any other aspect of the identity of DC, charity and community work has helped us become a part of the bigger community picture.

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