What We Supply
Why limit yourself?

When it comes to office supplies, we know that finding exactly what you need can often feel a little daunting. That’s why at DC Direct we like to make things as easy as possible for you.
Whether you’re looking for a new stapler or your whole office is ready for a refit, our dedicated customer services team welcome the opportunity to guide you through our complete range of stationery, office furniture and 

copier solutions. In fact, we like to think that no request is off limits.
With over 24,000 products from a host of leading brands available at the touch of your fingertips, we don’t just take pride in our work, we take pride in yours too.

Every office is different. We don’t want to change that, we want to supply it.

No Minimum Order

Free Nationwide Delivery

Guaranteed Savings


Supplying the building
blocks of your business

To us, stationery supply is like your weekly shopping list. Your core essentials will always remain the same but from time to time your other needs will vary. By helping you create your own personalised list for repeat orders, our dedicated team can help you better reflect your business’ needs.
Once we’ve settled on your regular ‘shopping list’ we will even fix the price for you, giving you the peace of mind you need when budgeting for the future.


There’s always room for improvement

Combining comfort, style and a strong work ethic may seem like a tall order from a desk or a chair but at DC Direct, we know your choice of office furniture is often much more than just a practical decision. Whether you’re searching for a single piece of furniture from our 3,400 strong catalogue or you’d like help creating a complete office solution, get in touch. Our expert assembly team can even come by, perform a site survey and have a chat about what you think might work best. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to us, we also build furniture to customer specifications.

Copier division

Specialists in technology

We know that when things go wrong with your copiers, it can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare. That’s why – old technology or new – our repair team are always on hand to create viable, affordable solutions to your problems. DC Direct also sells and leases a wide range of new technologies to suit your business’ needs. Speak to our sales and finance team to explore your options.

Printing services

Reflecting the best about your business

Any time you put your name on a business card or letterhead, you’re tying your company’s values to the quality of that document. At DC Direct, our printers and in house design agency take pride in reflecting those values in work of equal quality. Using state of the art technology our printing team will work with you to design and create a product that guarantees the right first impression. We charge zero setup fees for artwork and even offer a free, no obligation e-proof of all our designs.

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Online Print Management Tool

Control in your hands!

Take control of your business marketing collateral, with our new online print management tool. Intuitive & flexible our online software makes editing and requesting business cards, letterheads, etc., as simple as it should be. The platform can even be branded fit to your individual business style. Request a demo today:  

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Facilities Supplies

All offices need everyday essentials to operate and we have them all in stock. They may not be the most glamourous products in our catalogue, but we have over 5000 items in our facilities range that have been specifically chosen for the professional workplace. Over 100 brands are available in 5 sectors; Janitorial, Catering, Health & Safety, Premises Management and Packaging, plus we stock most items too.  So when you need tissues, tea bags or a first aid kit we can help.

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Promotional material

So everybody knows your name

At DC Direct we encourage you to be as playful as you like when it comes to promoting your business. We’ve personalised just about everything in the name of getting yours out there; stress balls, yo-yo’s, umbrellas, puzzles, stationery, even clothing. More than just a bit of fun, product placement can be a powerful tool for sales and raising awareness about your business. Talk to us about what you think the best way to promote your business would be and we’ll gladly oblige you with a free sample or e-proof.


Keeping your employees safe!

We understand at DC Direct that safety always comes first in any working environment. What better way of guaranteeing your employees safety, than with our latest ‘Personal Protective Equipment’. Our equipment can prevent serious injury to the lungs, head, feet, eyes, skin and general body.


Making your mark

One of the great, unfathomable truths of office life is that no matter how recently you changed your ink or toner, it always seems to be on its last legs. At DC Direct, we understand just how frustrating this can be, especially when it catches you out unawares. That’s why we supply ink, toner, cartridges and ribbons to fit any machine, old or new. And because we know just how urgent things can get when you do run out, we’ll prioritise your direct delivery, for free.
We can also supply large capacity toners to provide even better value per print and reduce the need to change your ink so often.


A caffeinated team is a happy team

The cornerstone of any successful company is good coffee. And because good coffee begins with the bean and ends with the machine, we provide solutions for the entire process. Are your refreshment services old, tired and chewing out substandard java? If that’s the case then talk to DC Direct about all your hot refreshment needs. We even offer our own blend of coffee, meaning that you can give your staff and clients not just a delicious cup of joe but a personalised one too.


Give us this day our daily bread

Nothing gets the day off to a better start than opening up your fridge to find it stocked with fresh milk, mineral water and cold juice ready for the day ahead. Our drivers not only deliver any time day or night; with our ‘put away promise’ they’ll even make sure everything’s where it should be when you arrive in the morning. Prompt, friendly and approachable, no-one takes your catering needs/morning cuppa and slice of toast(?) as seriously as we do.


Because no request is too strange

We love a challenge. That’s why if you’ve got a request that you think is a little odd, we want to hear from you. Because our business was built on relationships we know traders in every corner of the market, allowing us access to those hard-to-source items at incredibly competitive prices. We’ve already sourced and delivered a giant fish tank, an office iguana and a pair of wellies. If tropical animals aren’t your thing we can also find obscure printer components and rare ink cartridges. And when we do, we’ll keep everything on file, ready for your next order.t deliveries in the morning so you can print that urgent document or receive that important fax.