Our Values
The foundation of our business

DC Direct came into this world with a very clear directive: to provide a fast, reliable and responsible office supply service. We wanted to build our company around a trusted team of individuals who would represent those same values and who would stop at nothing to pass them on to our clientbase.

But we know that running the business is only half the job. We also have a responsibility to the community we all live in. That’s why we not only employ a strict environmental policy but we also work with charities, both local and national.

environmental values

Our most important commitment

It’s easy to be glib about your commitment to the environment. A hot topic that everyone wants to get onside with; there is a worrying trend amongst companies nowadays to use environmental awareness as little more a way of currying favour with clients. That’s why at DC Direct we have made a clear and irreversible pledge to reducing our carbon footprint at every level of our infrastructure, and we’ve done it through three very simple directives.


Less is more

The best way to decrease your impact on the environment is to reduce any unnecessary waste. That’s why the first thing you’ll notice about all our deliveries is that they come with minimal packaging. The less we use, the less we have to throw away. We are also now integrating a crate delivery system that removes the need for packaging, while still ensuring the safety and security of your delivery. By switching our fleet to LPG vans we will soon be able to guarantee all our deliveries arrive using optimal fuel efficiency too.


Keeping the world turning

We never underestimate the importance of sourcing and promoting the sale of recycled products. And with a large number items for sale through DC Direct now coming from 100% recycled materials, we feel our commitment to those values has never been stronger. A quick look at our online catalogue will confirm that we not only stock whole lines of inventory that are entirely recycled, we also use a number of Fair Trade products too. Look out for the International Fair Trade stamp on products in our e-catalogue.


Saving money and the environment

Sometimes our commitment to the environment doesn’t just begin and end with us, we ask you to do your bit too. Our list of refurbished machinery ranges from copiers and fax machines through to toner and ink cartridge refills. By choosing to buy ‘used’ rather than ‘brand new’, you not only help us in supporting a cleaner earth, you also stand to make a great saving. All our refurbished items come with a guarantee and our usual returns policy for your peace of mind.

Charity work

Doing our bit

We take enormous pleasure in our work with charities both national and local. As much a moral obligation as any other aspect of the identity of DC, charity and community work has helped us to become a part of the larger public consciousness. Much like everyone else, wherever we can help, we will, and if we can make it a bit of fun then even better. Look out for the products in our range whose sale directly supports a number of charities, including: NSPCC, Barnardos, WWF and Breast Cancer Research.

Breast Cancer Now

Think Pink

Wherever you see items for sale through DC that are available in ‘pink’ versions, we have made a commitment to this wonderful charity, who have already done so much for so many incredible women. 10% of all sales of ‘pink’ items will go directly to Breast Cancer Now. If you live in R.O.I. all donations will be forwarded to the Marie Keating Foundation.

Ink for Cash

Supporting our local charities

Many of you will have already taken advantage of our free used toner collection service, whereby we gladly come and collect your empty cartridges.
You probably assumed that we just refilled the toners and put them up for re-sale. In fact, DC decided to put them to good use. By offering the old toners up to a group of local charities, we enabled them to make a profit by refilling and then selling the toners on.

Supporting Schools

Giving back to our community

At DC we are never more aware of our place in the world than when we spend time in our local community. That’s why we decided the best way to support our local school (Royal Park Primary School in Kent) was to get behind them and their sports departments. In 2009(!), we donated a complete sports range to the kids of the school so that they might share our passion for the physical recreation.